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Robomower Part 9: Turning on the mower attachment.

This is the home stretch! The robot moves, it has a lawn mowing attachment hanging beneath it, and if I go out and actually hook the wires from the mower motors to the bot’s batteries, it will actually mow the lawn. Trouble is, since it’s an electric mower, I really want to be able to . . . → Read More: Robomower Part 9: Turning on the mower attachment.

The CNC table - First thoughts and musings...

This has been a long time coming. Over the last couple of years, it turns out that I have seen an increase in the time I have available to devote to projects that involve building things. I’m not entirely sure how this came to be, but I’m sure not going to raise a serious objection. . . . → Read More: The CNC table – First thoughts and musings…

Robomower Part 8 - Mowing something...

A couple of posts ago, I promised a reciprocating saw. Today I discovered that somewhere in that whole “Measure Twice, Cut Once” thing, I seem to have missed something: The mower deck was just a bit too long to fit within the length of the frame. The way I saw it, I had couple of . . . → Read More: Robomower Part 8 – Mowing something…

Robomower part 7 - It's Alive!

Today turned out to be a good day. Despite daytime temperatures in the mid to high 90’s (roughly 20 degrees f above my personal cranky threshold), I made some significant progress. It sure seemed like most of what I did was just sitting in the hot sun, and all I got done was to install . . . → Read More: Robomower part 7 – It’s Alive!

Robomower part 6 - Assembling the frame

This is getting fun! Putting the frame together is, for me anyway, a very important part of any project. Up until this point, the Robomower has been a stack of angle iron, a box of electronic bits, a crate full of wheelchair parts, and a rather daunting pile of random-looking fasteners. Today that will all . . . → Read More: Robomower part 6 – Assembling the frame

Zennbot one, The Robomower Part 5

The weather was cooperating today, and I had some time to spend with the Robomower project, so I was able to make some progress. The first major step was to connect the Sabertooth 2×25, the BR6000, and one of the wheelchair motors to the wheelchair battery pack and see if I could make something move. . . . → Read More: Robomower Part 5 – Lawnmower teardown and first control test!

Robomower Part 4 - Wheelchair Teardown

Today was the day to tear down the Invacare Torque SP, and see what parts could be used in the construction of the Robomower! . . . → Read More: Robomower Part 4 – Wheelchair Teardown

Robomower part 3 – Controls

After some careful consideration and examination of the original Lawnbot design, I was able to make some decisions: First off, after pricing the components for the original design’s H-bridge board (including the supplies and equipment I would need to acquire in order to start etching my own PCB’s), I decided to go with an off-the-shelf . . . → Read More: Robomower part 3 – Controls

Robomower part 2 – The Mower

Hooray for Craigslist! $20.00 and a drive across town got me a Craftsman (Re-branded Black and Decker) 24v electric lawnmower. The previous owner was very up-front about the fact that the mower did not in fact operate. At least, he said it would not take a charge. From what I have been able to gather . . . → Read More: Robomower part 2 – The Mower

Zennbot 1 – Robomower!

Okay, last year, the lovely and talented Mrs. Zennmaster bought me a subscription to Make Magazine. In my life, nothing has connected me more to my inner Geek! So last issue, the cover story was the “Lawnbot 400”, a remote control lawnmower based on the wonderful Arduino board (get yours from my friend Will at . . . → Read More: Zennbot 1 – Robomower!