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Video Review of the Makerfarm 8" Prusa i3 3D printer

In addition to the written review I posted about the Makerfarm 8″ Prusa i3 3D printer, I made some videos in which I talk about the experience of building and using it.  Here they are, in the order they were uploaded.  I’ll most likely be keeping this post updated as I add more.


Here’s Part 1, which is about the decision process, the ordering, arrival and unboxing of the kit.


This is part 2, where I cover the build experience.


Part 3 is about making some prints:


Here’s a follow up video that I made after using the printer for a little while:

6 comments to Video Review of the Makerfarm 8″ Prusa i3 3D printer

  • Great set of reviews and videos. I have taught two 3d printer classes with the Makerfarm I3 kit and love it. The last one I had 10 people in the class and after 3 days of class we had 10 working printers. I find it great that between us we only found the same couple of very small issues. And as you say Colin and Makerfarm are top knotch on customer service. His new design already fixes the Y-endstop issue (I solved mine the first time with a pencil eraser glued to the wood).

    One suggest I added to Colin was to put index marks on what would be the upper right front corner of each piece. For the class I take all the pieces and split them into small kits by sub-assembly. It just makes the class go faster and with the marks I can avoid pieces getting assembled backward, inverse, etc.

    Also, I go ahead and enable the EEPROM in Marlin. I find it to be handy for fine tuning of the X, Y, Z, and extruder steps. I use Repetier Host as I find the interface more functional than Prontoface but that is all personal preference.

    I am having more issues with the Magma hotend stripping filament than I had with the J-Heads.

    My next mod will be to do an auto bed-leveling sensor.

    Would you mind if I used some of your pictures and video clips in the class? (I teach the class as a fund raiser for a non-profit I run).

  • Dave

    Can you point us to the models you used for your fan mount which appears in the last video. I (and probably others) have been using many of the modifications you’ve made and would appreciate it.


  • Dave

    Do you use it for PLA on the extruder, or for ABS on the print? Or in some other way?

    • Actually, I haven’t used it since I switched away from the J-head. When I was running it, I had it aimed at the cooling fins on the J-head for PLA, and for ABS, I tilted it down to the print.

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