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New Patterson/Gimlin film images!

After a recent trip to NorCal with my daughter, I stumbled across some very interesting data that I hadn’t previously seen. Apparently, there was a SECOND camera present at the PG film event, and somehow, the footage from that camera has been lost (or, more likely HIDDEN) until now. Here are some of the images I was able to find:

The famous Frame 352 of the PG FIlm


We are all familiar with this iconic image.

Purportedly a female Sasquatch, the subject is seen demonstrating an exaggerated arm swing as it walks across a clearing on Bluff Creek, in the Six Rivers National Forest area in Northern California.








Wider view of Frame 352 showing unusual detail…


This frame might be mistaken for the original, wider view of PG frame 352. However, there is something very odd in this image: On

the extreme left side, lower half of the image, Roger Patterson and his camera are clearly visible. What gives?








Patterson and Gimlin making an appearance in their own film.


In this image we can clearly see that Patterson’s is NOT the only camera in operation during the filming. Someone else is making a meta-documentary. Could this be an as-yet unnamed third member of the Patterson/Gimlin party? A second documentary camera, or maybe someone there to film the making of a hoax?




Patterson and Gimlin making their movie.


Here we see Patterson on the ground, camera to his eye, and Gimlin, sitting calmly on his horse, watching everything unfold.

This is, in my opinion, where things start to get fishy, and differ somewhat from the “Official” accounts of the events of that day. First, Gimlin has often claimed that he had his rifle at the ready in case the creature charged or became otherwise beligerent. In this image, it is clear that Gimlin is just calmly sitting on his horse, with no rifle in sight. He appears to be just watching something completely normal and expected unfold. Far from the high-adrenaline story we’ve all heard!


Bob Gimlin appears to be enjoying himself, not scared of being attacked by a giant monster!


As if the previous image weren’t enough to demonstrate Gimlin’s state of mind, here is a reverse angle, where we can see that not only is Bob Gimlin completely relaxed and unarmed, he is in fact SMIRKING!

Clearly he does not have a care in the world at this moment, and certainly no fear of potentially being attacked by an angry ape!








The zipper in the suit is clearly visible.


A few years back, a former neighbor of the Gimlin family, Bob Heironimus, confessed that he was the “Man in The Suit” in the Patterson/Gimlin film. This confession was published in a book by Author Greg Long. Some have claimed to be able to see a zipper in certain frames of the film. Here, in this frame from the newfound,”Second Camera” footage, the zipper is plainly obvious.








The hoaxers pose for a portrait.


As if all of this footage wasn’t enough, here is the triumphant triumvirate posing for the camera! Clearly this footage was never meant to get out, since it violates what must be one of the most basic rules of hoaxing, which is “Don’t take pictures of yourself committing a hoax”. Gimlin is still smirking, Patterson’s expression looks exhausted, but self-satisfied. Heironimus just looks exhausted. That suit must be hot!




This Lego MOC (My Own Creation) was inspired by a recent trip to Bigfoot Country in Northern California, and a recently released set of Lego MiniFigs which included a guy in a gorilla suit. With the memories of the trip so fresh, and the new MiniFig, the inspiration was irresistible. The MOC was built the night after we returned from our trip.

I sincerely hope that anyone who looks at this finds the humor easy to see. This is not intended in any way to be a statement on the authenticity of the PG Film.

The MOC as seen from above.


The Bluff Creek MOC from another angle.

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