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Android Downloads

In this section, I have added a number of files available for public download.
These files are ones that I have either created entirely, modified significantly (as in ported), repackaged, or have been asked to mirror.
Unless otherwise indicated, any files of my own creation are released under the Creative Commons 3.0 Attribution Non-Commercial Share Alike license. See this page for additional information on that.

Significant projects will warrant their own pages. For now, here’s a simple list:

  • Reboot Button with Voodoo toggle:
  • This is an application for Samsung phones with kernels that support Voodoo lag fix. It was originally released on XDA-Developers here.

    The download link: RebootButton.apk

  • Stock Fascinate Kernel with CWM Recovery support:
  • This is an installable Kernel package for the Samsung Fascinate. It includes support for ClockworkMod Recovery, but otherwise is bone stock.
    I can only take credit for packaging this one, the work was done by Koush.

    Download Link: CWM_Kernel.zip

  • Droidinator V6 for Cyanogenmod 6.0
  • My first attempt at porting a theme. This is a nice red-based theme for Cyanogenmod 6.0 for the Droid. Hasn’t been modded since. Good luck.

    More to come as I get more done…

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