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Boot-repair: An incredibly useful tool for dual-booting Ubuntu and Windows;

As I have mentioned in a previous post, I recently picked up a new ultrabook. The first thing I did, of course, was to install Ubuntu 12.04.

As it turns out, the new computer uses UEFI (Here’s the Wikipedia Article on that).  It also turns out that there is a bug in Ubuntu’s GRUB installer that overwrites and reformats Windows’ EFI entry, making Windows effectively unbootable.  This is, of course, a problem for dual-booting, which I stil need to do.

There is a rather complicated method available to manually rebuild Windows’ EFI entry, but fortunately, there is also a very easy and simple way to fix this issue, along with a surprising array of other GRUB boot issues.

This application is called Boot-Repair, and is available free through the Ubuntu Software Center.

A couple hours into researching how to manually fix my GRUB situation, I came across a reference to this handy little utility, and within minutes was up and running on a smoothly running dual-booting system.

My ultrabook came with a recovery partition which essentially is a bare-bones system image. I repartitioned the computer’s SSD, then installed Ubuntu, and finally reinstalled the Windows image. I then went into the BIOS to select the Ubuntu partition as the boot device, then ran Boot-Repair to complete the process.

In my case, I just ran the “recommended repair” option, which detected the presence of EFI, and correctly built out the required EFI paths and built a grub.cfg.

Boot-repair also works very well for an awful lot of the most common issues that come up with any GRUB-based system, and is a wonderfully effective and handy little tool.

Boot-Repair’s Ubuntu Documentation Page:
Boot-Repair’s official home page (Sourceforge)

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