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About this blog:

My name is Michael Zenner.  I am a husband, a dad, and a professional airline pilot, living in Portland, Oregon.  This is the Blog where I write about things I think about. At the moment, that’s Robotics, Carnivorous Plants, Open source Geekware, Railroads Full size and scale, old Science Fiction shows, Scary Movies, and anything else that might spring to mind. There you have it!

Since it’s actually come up, here is my official statement regarding ownership of this blog:

Unless otherwise specified or noted, all text and images on this site are authored by me, Michael Zenner, and are published under a Creative Commons 3.0 Attribution Non-Commercial Share Alike license. This is what that means in English and here is the actual legal language.

The short version: please feel free to reproduce, reprint, publish, fold, spindle or mutilate anything you see, hear or read here, but please do so for non-commercial purposes. Please acknowledge where you got it, and please release whatever you do with it under the same license.

The cc nc sa license allows for waivers to any of this, and if you wanted to use anything here for commercial purposes, just let me know, and I’ll probably say it’s fine.