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Robomower part 2 – The Mower

Hooray for Craigslist! $20.00 and a drive across town got me a Craftsman (Re-branded Black and Decker) 24v electric lawnmower. The previous owner was very up-front about the fact that the mower did not in fact operate. At least, he said it would not take a charge. From what I have been able to gather . . . → Read More: Robomower part 2 – The Mower

Zennbot 1 – Robomower!

Okay, last year, the lovely and talented Mrs. Zennmaster bought me a subscription to Make Magazine. In my life, nothing has connected me more to my inner Geek! So last issue, the cover story was the “Lawnbot 400”, a remote control lawnmower based on the wonderful Arduino board (get yours from my friend Will at . . . → Read More: Zennbot 1 – Robomower!