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Star Wars again - through the eyes of my six year-old...

It finally happened, as I knew it would, and I am very happy.

My daughter, a couple of weeks before her 6th birthday, expressed a desire to see the Star Wars movies.

I saw it coming, as soon as I figured out that she had a kindergarten classmate who was always talking about Darth Vader, . . . → Read More: Star Wars again – through the eyes of my six year-old…

Farscape - Muppets in Spaaaaaaace!!

It took a while, but I managed to finish all ten seasons of Stargate: SG-1 (regular readers will recall my review of that fine series elsewhere on this site). Ten seasons is a lot to absorb all at once, even more so when Mrs Zennmaster, after watching the last six seasons, insisted on going back . . . → Read More: Farscape – Muppets in Spaaaaaaace!!

The Exorcist: Still terrifying after all these years...

The Exorcist:

The Exorcist, 1973

No discussion of Scary Movies can even get past the first page without at least a promise to talk about William Friedkin’s classic, The Exorcist, based on the novel by William Peter Blatty. For the purposes of this discussion, I am talking about the original, theatrical version released in 1973. . . . → Read More: The Exorcist: Still terrifying after all these years…

Space: Above and Beyond

Back in 1995, before anyone started “Re-imagining”, “Re-booting”, or just plain “Re-Making” the great Science Fiction classics, when the only really new and interesting S.F. shows were on the inconsistent Sci Fi Channel, Fox Television produced a wonderful, and now almost forgotten program, Space: Above and Beyond. In it’s one season, SAAB covered a lot . . . → Read More: Space: Above and Beyond

Stargate SG-1

This one belongs in its own special category: Shows I always thought looked pretty stupid, and wondered for years why they stayed in production so long (in this case, even switching networks). From time to time someone would tell me how great it was, and I would usually just nod and grunt and change the . . . → Read More: Stargate SG-1

Scary Movies I Love and why...

Okay, I LOVE a good scary movie. With Halloween rapidly approaching (by my personal standards, the countdown to Hallowe’en begins November 1st), it seems almost a little more acceptable. The horror genre, which most of the time is mocked at least as much as it is taken seriously, gets a little bit of a break . . . → Read More: Scary Movies I Love and why…

TV in the age of Netflix.

Some of what had stuck with me over the years turned out to be absolutely wunnerful stuff, and some less so. Thanks to Netflix, I’ve been discovering and rediscovering old shows. So here, in no particular order, are some of my new favorite old TV shows: . . . → Read More: TV in the age of Netflix.



Lexx was a quirky Sci Fi Channel (when it was called that) program, produced by a group of Germans and Canadians. The show was about an unlikely group of strangely-dressed, funny-talking people who flew around the universe in living, insectoid spaceships that appeared to be made entirely of molded latex. The Euro-Canadian pedigree meant . . . → Read More: Lexx