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Check out my Facebook Page!

I’ve set up a Facebook page specific to 3D printing. I think this will make it a lot easier to make small updates that don’t seem to warrant a full blog post. Check it out!

Zennmaster’s 3D printing on Facebook

2 comments to Check out my Facebook Page!

  • Pat Boyd

    Hi Michael,

    Now that you have several MakerFarm printers with the 12″ on the way any suggestions for me?
    I ordered the 12″ last week and was planning on sealing & painting the frame to keep moisture out. Any thoughts on that?
    Any thing I should look for in the assembly?
    Thanks for all the great reviews. You cover every performance issue a potenial buyer would need to know.

    • Thanks for the kind words!

      The only caution on sealing and painting is that the fit might get a little tight. You may want to consider masking off the mating sections. The build videos are pretty good, just take your time and review them before you actually start.

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