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Lexx was a quirky Sci Fi Channel (when it was called that) program, produced by a group of Germans and Canadians. The show was about an unlikely group of strangely-dressed, funny-talking people who flew around the universe in living, insectoid spaceships that appeared to be made entirely of molded latex. The Euro-Canadian pedigree meant there was a lot of content that would have been considered too risque for a US audience. So there was some nudity and some toilet humor, neither of which was really necessary to drive the story (There is a lot of humor around the theme of cannibalism as well, which I actually thought worked really well, and made for some great stories). The first of Lexx‘s four seasons was unusual in that it consisted of just four 90-minute episodes, each of which was originally shown in the U.S. on Showtime. A consistent story arc didn’t really appear until season two, but then it really got rolling. Over its run, Lexx really managed to challenge a lot of conventional wisdom about how a science fiction television program should go. One of my favorite episodes in the second season has the characters putting on an opera in which much of the back story is told. Each of the last three seasons are refreshingly different from one another, being set in dramatically different times and places while playing out strong story arcs. The imagining of the Lexx universe allows for some highly creative segues between seasons. A prime example being a four-thousand year nap after the destruction of a universe (Luckily on Lexx there is a spare universe, so season three does in fact happen). The characters at first are a little stiff and annoying, but I found they quickly grew on me, and by the end of the series I found that they had really captured me, and I was sad to see them go. I really enjoyed watching Lexx!

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